The Beauchamp Community at Newland
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The Beauchamp Almshouses and the church of St Leonard were completed in 1864 for the benefit of retired workers from the Madresfield Estate and for the poor of the parish.

The then Earl Beauchamp was heavily influenced by the Oxford Movement.  From the outset the community enjoyed daily Anglo-Catholic worship of the very highest standard which continues to the present day. Our benefactors encouraged an atmosphere of prayer, hospitality, friendship and care.   Residency in the community has been expanded to welcome worshipping Anglicans from anywhere in the country, and under today's Trustees, chaired by Lady Rosalind Morrison, the founder's vision is still embodied in our corporate life.  ​

Daily and Sunday Masses are well attended; the magnificent grounds are maintained mostly by members of the community; there is a thriving social life; and Beauchamp continues to be a vibrant and nurturing place in which to live.  ​Although St Leonard's is no longer a parish church, we are enriched by the many visitors who attend regularly our Sunday celebrations of the Mass at 8.00am and 11.00am. 

We are always happy to answer any questions concerning the Beauchamp Community and St Leonard's.

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A pastoral letter from Fr John
Acting chaplain

Dear Friends,
“Life begins at 40”.  I’m not sure WHY people use that particular age, but then…40 is an  intriguing number, not least in the Christian calendar.  On the 40th day after Christmas,  we celebrated Candlemas, when Our Lord is presented in the Temple.  Beginning on  Wednesday, March 6th, we begin the observance of the 40 days of Lent, when Jesus  prepares for His ministry in the desert.  Many centuries before that, Moses helped to lead  the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land.  He waited upon God for  forty days and forty nights upon Mount Sinai, receiving the Covenant.  Many  commentators agree that the Exodus lasted around 480 years, 12 generations of about 40  years each. 
During our Lenten Forty Days from Ash Wednesday to Easter Eve (excluding the Sundays),  Christians have traditionally focussed on deepening commitment through acts of self- denial.  This includes the ancient practice of fasting – limiting the amount of food eaten  on one day a week, so focussing the mind.  Perhaps your favourite charity could benefit  from the money saved! 
Come Easter, which is late this year, we celebrate the highlight of the Christian Year.  The  journey through Lent has culminated with Life out of death.  The days following our Lord’s  resurrection, until the Feast of The Ascension, also the number 40!  They are often referred  to as the GREAT 40 days – as indeed they are. 
Life begins at birth, and at 40, and at whatever your present age.  All the time, we find  ourselves dying to former things in our life, to take on new experiences.  Change brings  growth which is often costly and painful, as many know only too well!  Human bodies will  die for good.  But Easter will tell us NOT to be frightened, because this is part of the  process.  “We shall all be changed…in the twinkling of an eye” S. Paul declares.  The old  body dies in order to put on the new. 
Welcome to the Fast of Lent.   It’s a marvellous aid to prepare for the Feast  of Easter!  Prayers and good wishes that it may be used well! 
Fr John    

Our new chaplain
After 13 months without a permanent Chaplain, we’re in business again!!  The Trustees  of the Community met on February 20th, and after interviewing a prospective candidate,  were unanimous in agreeing that he should be appointed.  This is none other than our  very own….Fr. CHRISTOPHER STERRY.

Fr Christopher will be inducted as Chaplain to the Beauchamp Community on Wednesday 8th May at 4.00pm by the Bishop of Worcester.  All are welcome to join us for this auspicious occasion.
Holding the Fort!
Fr John has done a magnificent job as Acting Chaplain over the last year and his final Mass in office will be on Sunday 5th May at 11.00.   Please come and join us for this speical occasion, with drinks in the Great Hall after the service.

Fr John will of course continue to live in the Beauchamp Community and continue to celebrate Mass on a regular basis.  We wish him a happy second retirement!

Fr Chris, our Chaplain Designate, celebrating Mass on Passion Sunday with the full Lenten Array in use for the first time.

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Music for Lent, Passiontide & Easter

A selection of beautiful music sung by some of the finest choirs.  Use the playlist in the top left hand corner to make your selection