The Quadrangle

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The heart of the Community

Set around the magnificent open Gothic quadrangle are the Almshouses and historic buildings; this is the heart of the Beauchamp Community.     

The top elevation of the almshouses to the left of the clock tower and to the right is matron's house (now the chaplain's residence) and where the Oriel window connects the two buildings.
Inside the clock tower, the clock mechanism and side elevation of the almshouses from the tower.
The tower, matron's house (now the chaplain's residence) and the church.
Side elevation of the almshouses.
The cloisters which lead from the church to the Great Hall, which adjoins the Warden's Lodge, once home to the Vicar-Warden.
The famous barley-twist chimneys.
The main entrance to the Choir School from the playground, with the two dormatories on the top floor and the organist & choirmaster's house to the right.
The Quadrangle entrance to the organist & choirmaster's house on the left and to the Choir School via the boot room on the right.
The highly ornamental wrought-iron gates, dating from 1871 and which lead from the Quadrangle into Chapel Meadow were once the main gates to the long driveway leading into the Almhouses, for use only by the Chaplain/Warden and important guests.   When various new roads around the Almshouses were built this main entrance was closed off and the rear entrance became the new main entrance. 

The gates were then moved to their present position in the Quadrangle probably in the 1950s,  restored to their original glory for the 150th Anniversary of the Almshouses in 2014 and  is why we have magnificent gates which go nowhere!
Taken in 1882, this photo shows the rear entrance to the 
Almshouses, which was for use by the residents and tradesmen.   The old bar gates is still  preserved in the grounds.

This is now the main entrance for everyone, with modern new gates, although not as grand as the original ones above!​
A view from the porch under the clock tower into the Quadrangle, on Fete day.