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Daily Low Mass in All Souls' Chapel
  • Monday, Thursday & Friday at 6.00pm
  • T uesday & Sunday at 8.00am
  • Wednesday & Saturday at 10.00am

A contemplative said service which lasts about 30 minutes
The entrance to All Souls' Chapel is through the cloisters

Services in St Leonard's Church
E very Sunday at 11.00am in traditional language

Special Services for November 

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​​ Remembrance Sunday
Please join us for our special service to commemorate the end of World War 1 where a member  of the 1st Malvern Company The Boys' Brigade will read the Ode of Remembrance and another will lay the wreath at our Chorister War Memorial.

Please be in your seats by 1050 hrs for the Act of Remembrance.

Christ the King
Sunday 25
Solemn Mass at 1100hrs

Special Services for December

Festival of Lessons and Carols
sung by Worcester Cathedral Voluntary Boys' Choir
Friday 14 at 1930hrs

Refreshments in the Great Hall after the service to meet the choir

Midnight Mass & the Blessing of the Crib
 ... a little earlier than midnight!
Monday 24 at 2100hrs
High Mass will be celebrated in the church 

Christmas Day
Tuesday 25
Solemn Mass at 1100hrs

Special Services for January 2019

The Epiphany of our Lord
Sunday 6
High Mass at 1100hrs

The Baptism of Christ
Sunday 13
Solemn Mass at 1100hrs