Church, chapel & special services

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St Leonard's was built as an Anglo-Catholic church and we proudly maintain this tradition to the present day.  

The chaplain and clergy, the master of ceremonies and altar servers, together with the choir and organist all strive together to offer the finest of liturgy and ceremonial ....'to bring all heaven before our eyes'

Daily Low Mass in All Souls' Chapel

  • Monday, Thursday & Friday at 6.00pm
  • T uesday & Sunday at 8.00am
  • Wednesday & Saturday at 10.00am

A contemplative said service which lasts about 30 minutes.  
The entrance to All Souls' Chapel is through the cloisters.

Services in St Leonard's Church
Sunday's at 11.00am in traditional language
A one hour Mass, either Sung, Solemn or High, depending on
the calendar.
Masses for Feasts & Festival during the week are at 6.00pm

Special Services and Feasts & Festivals

​Dedication Weekend
Organ Recital by RIchard Cook
Saturday 20   (time to be announced)

Solemn Mass for the Anniversary of the Dedication
of the Church and Almshouses
Sunday 21 at 11.00am

High Mass for the Ascension of our Lord
Thursday 30 at 6.00pm

High Mass for the Feast of Pentecost
Sunday 9 at 11.00am

Solemn Mass for Trinity Sunday
Sunday 16 at 11.00am

Solemn Mass for the Feast of Corpus Christi
Thursday 20 at 6.00pm

Choral Evensong, Benediction & the Procession of the Blessed Sacrament for Corpus Christi

Friday 21 at 7.30pm

sung by the men & boys of Worcester Cathedral 

Voluntary Choir
with Benediction given by the Dean of Worcester

Solemn Mass for SS Peter & Paul
Saturday 29 at 10.00am


Solemn Mass for the Transfiguration of our Lord
Tuesday 6 at 6.00pm

Solemn Mass for the Assumption of the Blessed
Virgin Mary
Thursday 15 at 6.00pm