Saturday 12 May at 7.30pm

in St Leonard's Church
we are proud to welcome on their international debut tour


The stunning vocal a cappella quintet from Sweden
Simplyfive’s members first met in Uppsala Cathedral’s boys’ choir and have sung together for almost 15 years. From the start in 2011 the group has traveled frequently throughout Sweden and collaborated with multiple choirs and orchestras, including The King’s Singers at a 
concert in Uppsala Cathedral.
Simplyfive also regularly holds it’s own concerts, often under the popular concept “In the world of fairytales”, where the group alternates their singing with reading a children’s story out loud. In 2017 Simplyfive was awarded the Kaggen scholarship, instituted by Orphei Drängar.
At their performances Simplyfive combine their singing with personal reflections about the songs, life and other matters. Through their music Simplyfive want to provide an experience where it’s easy to just sit down, relax and feel. With their broad repertoire, ranging from renaissance music to pop songs in their own arrangements, and with influence from groups such as The King’s Singers, Pentatonix and The Real Group, every concert is a unique experience.
Tonight's concert offers a trip through contemporary choir music, close harmony, some original material and, of course, Swedish a capella music.
Warm welcome!

Concert Programme

Listen to Simplyfive

Listen to Simplyfive

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Reception in the Great Hall afterwards to meet Simplyfive

Admission free  :  Retiring Collection

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